Anonymous asked:

Do you generally agree with feminist views? And do you feel like the radicals among the movement make it harder for people to listen to the more moderate viewpoints of feminism? (i.e. closing the wage gap, working towards ending sexism, etc.)

i am black.

radfems have been my enemy for about 100 years.

internalsin asked:

OK so out of all of the questions that I am reading, the only one that I don't see asked is: "Why don't you like being called darlin(g)" it's a term of endearment a lot like women calling men "hun".

thats like asking a woman why she doesnt like being called bitch. its a term of endearment  thats like asking an athlete why he doesnt like being slapped on the ass by his coach. thats a form of endearment.

what im trying to say here, is that some people just dont like that shit.

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Wut wut. In the butt. Not gonna lie, I came to throw serious shade at the person who commented on that post but since you're not them I'm doing the normal human thing and write nonsense because now I have all this steam and nowhere to put it so I'm just going to continue writing until I run out of space or just get tired of writing nonsense. My day has been nice, I've written a couple things today, had a beer, enjoyed some Parks & Rec and am running out of space so by. You're cool I guess... :)