a7xnerd asked:

You look very pretty tonight darlin

emeralddragoness answered:

your blog is shit your theme is clashy and your aesthetic is washed up.

unstable 15 year old white boy, you dont even understand why youre making fun of that post. you just want to be annoying for the sake of fulfilling your nature. youre just being a follow along. thats not a good look.


You look pretty tonight darlin

how long did you cry. how hard did you sweat. and how hard did you shake before you typed up this reply.

Anonymous asked:

Dude that guy just completed her if a guy did that to you would you be like "OMFG YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMPLEMENT ME WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" No move on and respect the opinion don't act like a troll

(thank you for directing this opinion at OP)

well it goes both ways.

 Honestly if somebody gets offended at something i said and pitches a fit at it i dont have time to sit there and think about what kind of thought process theyre having. this is a stranger. a stranger is offended. so the fuck what. i move on, respect their opinion and continue my day.

Let me tell you a story. Once i ordered a pizza. I went to recover my pizza and the delivery guy gave me a creepy compliment I didnt like. I took my pizza and told him “Thats not how you compliment a person. All you have to say is ‘youre pretty’. what you said is offensive and i didnt like it.”

He didnt yell at me. He apologised for his comment, told me i was pretty and continued on with his day. 

mrssaberhagen asked:

hey i jus wanna say im sorry you gotta deal with the backlash from that post... i wish i could delete it so people would stop reblogging it cos its honestly getting ridiculous now. OP and i already apologised to each other but they still had to delete their blog anyway bc they got so much hate & now you gotta deal w this junk. im really sorry. i hate the way people on this website behave sometimes. seeing the stuff they are saying to u is so awful.

its fine friend.

you know how people on tumblr get