Anonymous asked:

Maybe if you change your blog title to "I DID NOT MAKE THE DARLIN POST" people might finally get the hint e-e

been there, done that. doesnt matter what i change the blog title to. stupid raging losers are gonna be stupid raging losers.

Anonymous asked:

I saw a post you added your two sense to. You are the dumbest bitch ever. I swear as soon as I read your shit of a paragraph I wanted to slap the stupid right out of you. Omg.

youre the dumbest bitch ever for still not getting that im not even the original emeralddragoness. even though you had to at least hover over the mobile version of my blog, you wouldve seen that i didnt make/comment on the darling post nor have i been active long enough to add any ‘two sense’. By the way, its two cents you stupid asshole.

lrn2read cretin.


Ill never understand people who give physical threats on the internet.

youre probably some 90 pound wonderbread sitting among her hello kitty pillow fortress.

get wrekd hoe.