king-arius asked:

My first message, an index link. With more than a few cases of why people are against feminism. Plenty in fact. Your first message? Nothing but insults and three links. Links that have what to do with feminism or what it is currently doing, you dense fuck? The first link is disgusting, the second is a woman being killed by somebody who is clearly not right in the head, and the third? Well that's the third. So tell me what they have to do with any part of the conversation. I want to know.

most richeous madness.

king-arius asked:

I didn't come to you 'pretentiously' you stupid fuck, but it's hilarious how hypocritical you are considering you're the first person to sling insults. Obviously I know about this than you do, if all you do is give three links and call people 'fuck boy' and 'neckbeard', and can come up with something beyond trying to insult a person's blog content, and yours is... What, you trying to be a smartass to a bunch of.misguided anons? Yeah. You really have room to insult someone else's blog.


jax-the-lunatic asked:

Ok so ... (forgive me if I sound ... bad but) What is the right way to tell a girl you like her ? or how are we supposed to flirt ?

just flirt naturally i guess?

like hey how r u whats up. oh i like ur shoes they remind me of some funny thing blah blah blah. whats your name? my names bob mcgoatfucker i live in b dorms we should hang out etc etc. just connect to the person on a peer to peer level and try to act natural and b urself.

and learn how 2 take a queue that the person isnt into u. often times people do not have it in them to flat out refuse someone. good signs someone is not into u is if they give u one word answers, do not acknowledge compliments or comments youre making (i mean saying “huh” and obviously not paying attention). are seeming nervous, angry or upset or if they are trying to find something else to do while ur talking to them if someone isnt into you dont get mean or snippy just say good bye and move on there r 6 billion fsh in the c.


Anonymous asked:

this is the "be grateful" anon from a moment ago. i was wondering, based on your pizza post, are you okay with random compliments that DON'T have a weird pet name attached? Like just a guy passing you on the street going "you look pretty today!" or "i like your shoes"

emeralddragoness answered:

i’m fine with those. i get them all the time.


somehow i doubt that 

please dont talk shit colonel fuckboy you look like you thirst over girls and ask for kiks then send dick pics and wonder why you never got a response.

you look like your mamma is the only person to ever tell you youre handsome.

you look like the only girls who like you are burnt out betty boop loving white girls with 6 forehead flaps and 14 instagram filters on every selfie. btw which one are you using? Sepia sunset? nice.

xmbien asked:

you need to take a moment and CALM YOURSELF. it's a fucking compliment chill. i call like everyone darling, it's a southern thing.

you need to take a moment and mind your fucking business because it is my own fucking choice to be mad or not over something someone said to me and unless i’m mad @ ur basic ass you shouldnt have anything to say about it.